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tokin daily: d500 unboxing and review w/sample pics

aloha everybody! the day has come, i now have my new camera! i put some photos and a quick review at the end of the unboxing segment, keep in mind i still have no firm clue of what i am doing, i am just trying my best at this point to learn as i go. aside from cropping the few images, there was zero post processing done to the pics. you can check my ig for a couple of the shots that i have edited(galaxy s8 default software used, not lightroom). in terms of quality they were shot as 5(some at 2) megapixels, so there is still a lot more quality that can be extracted from what is shown here these are just for quick samples and once again, to teach myself how to take a picture with this beast of a machine.

thanks again to these photography youtubers, without their videos i would be even more noob than i already am!
fro knows photo @
snapchick @
the angry photographer @

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