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Wing flap fault main theory behind Black Sea Russian jet crash

"러 추락 항공기 양력 장치 고장, 조종사 실수가 사고 부른 듯"
A Russian media outlet is reporting that the Christmas Day Sochi plane crash, which killed all 92 people onboard, was caused by faulty wing flaps.
A source close to the probe told Interfax that the flaps, panels on the wings that help lift an aircraft, had failed and not worked in tandem.
As a result, the pilots lost control as the aging TU-154 plane was not able to gather enough speed, causing it to plunge into the Black Sea.
The latest revelation reportedly comes from a cockpit conversation stored on the flight's main black box, which was found underwater about one-and-a-half kilometers from the shore on Tuesday.
The readout of the pilot's last words indicate that there was a problem with the wing flaps, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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