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Why Democrats Pretend To Support Single-Payer

Author and journalist David Dayen joins us to discuss the bought-and-paid-for California Democratic Party. Watch the full Aggressive Progressives episode here:

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Jimmy Dore, Stef Zamorano, & Dave Dayen on this week’s Aggressive Progressives. The trio talk about single-payer healthcare, Dave’s article in The Intercept, and Prop 98. Ron Placone joins and Michael Lighty, Director of Public Policy from the CNA, skypes in to talk about the healthcare bill.

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"Amid an uncertain future for U.S. healthcare, California’s overhaul attempt has galvanized the left and received national attention. But the peculiarities of state law and process remain a mystery, allowing advocates to create a serious gap between the expectations of supporters and the very real obstacles in the way.

There’s a reason that every California single-payer bill in the last 25 years — and there have been at least seven, two of which passed the legislature and were vetoed, so we in the Golden State have seen this movie before — never includes a funding mechanism. It’s not necessarily because of fear of voting for higher taxes, or even the two-thirds threshold to increase a tax in the legislature.

It’s because you can’t do the funding without help from the voters, because of California’s fatal addiction to its perverse form of direct democracy. The blame, in other words, lies with ourselves."*
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