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Vancity Trailblazers: Getting High in a Rainforest

High guys! Thanks for joining for the third Vancity Trailblazers outing! This time we headed out to the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge and hiked around the gorgeous rainforest in North Vancouver, all while smoking a bunch of cannabis of course! If you're in and around Vancouver and want to join on our Trailblazers outings, they happen every other weekend and you can follow my twitter @DakotaPaige420 for more information!

Dab rig used is from the Hemper box over at
and the code 'DakotaPaige' always saves you 10% :)

To check out more videos, extra content and all my discount codes head over to

That absolutely AWESOME intro was done by the Renaissance, go check him out at !!

IG: dakota.paige
Twitter/Periscope: dakotapaige420

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