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The photo that shocked the world: Heartbreaking footage of Syrian injured Children

The photo that shocked the world: Horrors of war-ravaged Syria exposed by image of wounded boy, 5, sitting alone in an ambulance after a deadly airstrike
A young Syrian boy, aged five, was injured during airstrikes in Aleppo
Omran Daqneesh was pictured in an ambulance in bloody and dusty
The lost child was not crying, but sat quietly with his hands in his lap
Heartbreaking images and video of the child have gone viral

The horror and tragedy of the war in Syria has been captured in a single photograph of a wounded child.
A young boy, aged five, sits on a chair inside an ambulance after an airstrike in his hometown of Aleppo, the whereabouts of his parents unknown.
Covered in dust from the rubble which was once his home, one side of Omran Daqneesh's face is drenched in blood, his expression dazed.

Heartbreaking images of a young Syrian boy who was injured when his home in Aleppo was destroyed in an airstrike have shocked the world, showing the reality and tragedy of the war in Syria. In one image Omran Daqneesh is seen sitting dazed in an ambulance chair, after being pulled from the rubble of his house. Footage shows the lost child wiping his dusty forehead with his hand, before realising he is bleeding, and he rests his hands back in his lap. Omran was taken to a nearby hospital with three other children, the whereabouts of his parents unknown.
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