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The Weed Nerd #284

WeedNerd Live Show Chill style
Giving a thanks to all the support from tga ,subcool,mzjill and the weed nerd's.AMA and giveaway and talking flavors !
What are you smoking on tonight,
Charity Fundraiser:
Expert joints is working towards jayde
Working towards next week's go fund me

***Weekly Contest***
Website setup with some gifts for giveaway updated next week

Integra packs still left for giveaway for next week
Book of dank 2.0

Topics to touch on and stuff that's happening
Hydro store for 3 years and aquaponics stuff
Arizona growing and the changing laws
Eral Cup and what was selling or hot
Michigan laws and changing
What is it like Day to day in the shops
Tell the nerds about your experience running a compassion club
Here in michigan there cracking down and want to get the all the tax revenue they can.
Going to have crazy guidelines here in michigan soon
How everything is over regulated in cali and you cannot even catch rainwater.
talking about Tga will and how to buy seeds and going over the different ways to buy seeds\ malik topic only 1$ A MONTH to post your online resume even companies like mammoth P are using it
Timber grow lights I just ordered a new light put it in veg and everything is rocking out
Craig from expert joints and his efforts in jayde charity
Rob moore and all the badass work he does
weed (46101) kush (40592) haze (40376) purple (40373) diesel (40373) strain (40371) cough (40369) purp (40368) sour (40316) sativa (40046) indica (39972) hemp (38302) bong (36532) marijuana (11763) Entertainment (9533) to (9037) pot (8748) flower (8091) hybrid (8072) drying (7955) germinate (7955)
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