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The Magic Formula: One grower's guide to cultivating medicinal quality Cannabis | Ebook

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Buy it, grow it, smoke it. The proof is in the smoke. You, experienced grower, or novicewill grow bigger and better with The Magic Formula. Learn how to grow from the creator of Black Betty, and other varieties. This growers guide for medical marijuana will make you a select grade growerif you follow the Magic Formula.what do others say?every time my husband packs me a bowl of one of Hugos signature strains, 5 minutes later I am asking, what was that? My pain numbs, my mind relaxes, and I am able to continue my day. This grower has created some of the best medicines I have smoked in 17 years. even those who have tried unsuccessfully for years to grow their medicine have turned to Hugo for help.hugo is a magic Man. He taught me what I needed to know to be able to finally grow my own good medicine.i highly recommend Hugo Ramirez' book "the Magic Formula". It is a really good and simple read about organic growing and has some really nice bud is great to find a medical grower who understands the importance of consistency in quality and effectiveness. From my perspective, this attention to detail is critical for proper pain management.designed for beginners, this book is packed with information even a seasoned grower can appreciate.great Bud shot after Great Bud shot. The pictures alone in this book are worth the purchase.are you ready to become a top medical marijuana grower, to create potent buds, and to cultivate new varieties? Do you want to learn how to garden, and to harvest? Do you want to know about horticulture, grow rooms; and secrets of high yield and high potency? Are you excited to understandin simple and easy to understand languageplant genetics, soil, hydroponics, pests, and cloning? Ready to learn about separating male and female plants, about sinsemilla harvest, and drying and curing? Ready, set, go!!! This is the growing guidebook for you.check out the table of contents!1.why I make cuttings.2.pest control: Quarantine and Preventative Maintenance.3.seeds: The Long Way4.watering: Testing, Temperature and Timing5.cannabis Sativa L.: The cultivated weed.6.maximizing yield indoors: Know the pattern.7.natural and Organic vs

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