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The Daily Grind #166 Getting Security on Lock

BrownGuy420, D, GoldenHill Grower and West Coast Baked Goodness are joining forces at S.O.L.O. Farms to start a recreational garden of our own that's dedicated to organic excellence...NoTill style! Stay tuned for the entire journey to try and make it in the infancy of a new market! Thanks for watching!

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Music by: TE Films #South

NoTill Gardening Thread a Must Read!

Check out the best eye protection you can get,

Method Seven Glasses,

Also check out Humboldt Seed Organization at:

For the most Organic pest spray that knocks mites down:

GrassRoots Fabric Pots

Check out Build a Soil, Jeremy Silva has an awesome site:

Teaming with Microbes book:

Fullbloom Light Deprivation Greenhouse Center

Soil Mix
20% Earth Worm Castings (5.5cuft)
20% Forest Humus (5.5cuft)
30% Peat Moss (8cuft)
30% Lava Rock, Rice Hulls, Buckwheat Hulls or mix of (8cuft)

Mineral Mix
1cup Neem meal per cuft. (27cups per 1yrd)
1cup Kelp meal per cuft. (27cups per 1yrd)
1cup Crab Shell per cuft. (27cups per 1yrd)
4 or 5 cups Glacial Rock Dust per cuft. ( 108-135cups per 1yrd)
½ cup Gypsum dust per cuft. (13.5cups per 1yrd)

My watering schedule is really nothing anyone hasn't see around here but it is pretty specific and I don't mess around with trying to feed this or that at this or that time in the plants life to hopefully obtain a specific response - I do the same thing every week for every plant at every stage of their lives. The plants utilize what it needs when it needs it and if not the soil and it's life is always benefiting from it anyways.

I alternate these two applications with plain water so it comes out to about once per week of each:

Puréed sprouts (about one to two cups seed sprouted, puréed and diluted to 15-20 gal water)
10ml FulPower fulvic acid
5ml Agsil (equal to ProTekt)


1/4 cup fresh young coconut water per gal
1/4 tsp 200x organic aloe powder
5ml Agsil
Biweekly I add 1/2 tsp TM7 per 5 gal with this application

I water every two days and alternate plain water in between.

Every 4 to 6 weeks I will make a neem/kelp tea for IPM and plant nutrition.

That's it!
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