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The Craft Grower. Composting Micro Organisms Into The Mix.

How to make compost and stuff. Composting can take a couple of months or a couple of years. Eventually the pile turns black and cools down. Then you cure it for a couple of weeks and it is done. Manures can take a year or two before they are ready. I have experienced from living in the bush for awhile that rabbit manure works great for marijuana. It can be used right away without burning the plants. No manures from pets or people and no meat can go into the compost pile. You don't need containers but you have to be able to stack the pile high and it must be connected to mother earth so earth worms can invade the pile and eat the green stuff. Free range worms.
weed (43459) kush (38629) haze (38415) purple (38412) diesel (38411) cough (38407) purp (38406) strain (38377) sour (38355) sativa (38084) indica (38010) marijuana (10689) to (8293) pot (8005) flower (7385) hybrid (7345) germinate (7252) drying (7252) Science (1503)
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