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TagTeam® LCO Grower Testimonial 2

The power of three - TagTeam® LCO is the only triple-action granular inoculant that combines the plant growing power of phosphate, nitrogen and LCO.

We combined our phosphate solubilizing soil fungus Penicillium bilaiae with a specially selected
nitrogen-fixing rhizobium and the proven performance of LCO (lipochitooligosaccharide) technology. Together, they encourage the development of more and bigger nodules. This means more fixed nitrogen and better access to the relatively immobile phosphate in the soil – helping to provide the best yield potential for your pea and lentil crops. Take your crop to the next level with TagTeam LCO.
weed (44712) kush (39560) haze (39345) purple (39342) diesel (39341) cough (39337) purp (39336) strain (39325) sour (39285) sativa (39014) indica (38940) marijuana (11198) People (10719) to (8636) pot (8346) flower (7711) hybrid (7682) germinate (7576) drying (7576)
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