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So excited to be redoing this tag and realized quickly that I actually don't have any of the same answers lol. Please check out all my friends channels! Show that COMMUNITY SUPPORT THO and tell them Daddy sent you.

Evil Evelyn:

Remedy THC:



Nessie’s Kitchen:

Mary Loves Glass:

High Hipsters:

Kristy M.L413

Laganja Estranja:

Silenced Hippie:

Third High Productions:

Canna vice TV:

Here are the questions:
1. Favorite Smoking Device?
2. Who is your favorite person to smoke with?
3. Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid?
4. What's Your Favorite Munchie?
5. What's Your Favorite Place to Smoke?
6. Public Stoned Story?
7. Have You Ever Had an Odd Dealer?
8. How long since you had a tolerance break?
9. High sex better sex?
10. How has smoking weed changed you?
Make sure you take a hit between each question! If you do the tag make sure you send it to me so I can enjoy!
weed (44518) kush (39412) haze (39197) purple (39194) diesel (39193) cough (39189) purp (39188) strain (39173) sour (39137) sativa (38866) indica (38792) hemp (37231) bong (35501) high (35477) getting (34980) sesh (34952) oil (32506) review (32227) rig (32167) stoned (32078) hits (32069) pen (32043) hash (31741) unboxing (31501) product (31451) gauntlet (31435) melt (31429) People (10648) rosin (1019)
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