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Super Mario Maker with Jacob

I will be playing viewer levels. Rules are simple. Do not advertise your channel. keep the language clean little ear are listening. No excessive cap or emoticons. be nice to people chat And finally have fun!
submit a level Use this link to submit a level
check the queue
find me on twitter
and find me on discord
plus if you want feel free to donate to help me get a better pc!
Here is my schedule MONDAY is Retro day, TUESDAY - THURSDAY is Mario Maker Submission day and FRIDAY is Mario Maker Super Expert day. This scheduled is subject to change 😉
weed (44508) kush (39409) haze (39194) purple (39191) diesel (39190) cough (39186) purp (39185) strain (39170) sour (39134) sativa (38863) indica (38789) hemp (37224) bong (35497) high (35473) getting (34976) sesh (34948) oil (32503) review (32224) rig (32164) stoned (32075) hits (32066) pen (32040) hash (31738) unboxing (31498) product (31448) gauntlet (31432) melt (31426) Gaming (4878)
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