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Stumptown Cannabis - Portland, OR Dispensary Tour

At Stumptown Cannabis, our mission is to provide high-quality cannabis at a reasonable rate with exceptional customer service. We have been working with Northwest Family Services to educate cannabis consumers on keeping their cannabis out of reach of children and animals.

When you arrive at Stumptown Cannabis, you’ll enter our small lobby and ring the doorbell for a budtender to be right with you. You’ll need to present your government ID to verify your age before being admitted into the showroom where our budtenders can work with you one-on-one or you can feel free to browse around the store.

We work with a variety of top-shelf growers in the state of Oregon. We currently have Pistil Point on the shelf, who makes a great Animal Cookies, a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. It’s dense, sticky and frosty – just like you’d want animal cookies to be. We also flower from Eugreen Organics, whose Polynesian Cookie Haze is an amazing hybrid with a mellow high. We update our Weedmaps menu daily.

Every day we offer a different deal from $25 eighths and $8 grams. We offer discounts for veterans and a glass jar recycling program.

You can find us at 6130 SE 82nd Ave. in Portland. We’re open daily from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. We have ample parking in our lot, which also has ADA Accessible parking.

Visit for menu updates and information.


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