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Shout out and viewers choice seed popping, North Genetics

Big shout out to North genetics for making such awesome strains and giving me the chance to showcase them for everyone. Also want to ask what I should pop next, toxic lord or dreamberries. You let me know and I'll pop em sunday. Subscribe, Like, Comment, Share.

Send the discount code message "closetMG " to @northgenetics on Instagram for a 25% discount on your donation.

Visit me on Instagram also @nvclosetmedgrower
weed (44524) kush (39417) haze (39202) purple (39199) diesel (39198) cough (39194) purp (39193) strain (39178) sour (39142) sativa (38871) indica (38797) hemp (37236) marijuana (11137) People (10652) to (8594) pot (8303) flower (7670) hybrid (7639) germinate (7535) drying (7535)
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