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ProGuard Technology Helps Award Winning Cannabis Grower Achieve Amazing Results

Award Winning Grower Michael Kanasevich, describes how using the ProGuard sanitization technology allows him to create a cleaner, better grow environment to produce the highest quality Cannabis.

ProGuard technology is the leader in Cannabis sanitization. Using an organic process, ProGuard is able to sanitize both the air and surfaces of the facility and allow the flower to grow cleaner with less microbial contaminants.
weed (44544) kush (39430) haze (39215) purple (39212) diesel (39211) cough (39207) purp (39206) strain (39192) sour (39155) sativa (38884) indica (38810) marijuana (11143) People (10658) to (8598) pot (8308) flower (7674) hybrid (7644) germinate (7539) drying (7539)
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