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Pressing Rosin w/The T-Rex Rosin Tech Press by Wizard Puff!(kinda)

We kinda press some rosin in the Wizard Puff T-Rex Rosin Press and then dab it out of the bubbler and nail that the guys over at Wizard Puff sent over! I wouldn't recommend the rosin press but please check out the nail and bubbler if that sounds like some shit you'd be interested in! Thank you guys so much for watching this video! If you Liked it then drop a Like and Subscribe to see the next one!

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Wizard Puff:

Instrumental produced by Chuki



Use code: SADK for 10% off!
---Sabertooth Glass:

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Use Code: SADK for 10% off!

Use code: SADK for 10% off!
Wizard Puff:


(It Helps A LOT)

(It helps A LOT)

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