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NowThis - Vines Compilation July/2016 Updated

This elevated "bus of the future" rides on rails and has space for cars to safely pass underneath it in this concept by Youzhou Song.
This pair of Yubari Melons (famous for their unique, sweet pulp) sold at a Japanese auction for a record 3 million yen, about $27,000 USD.
New crash tests show muscle cars including Chevrolet Camaro, Dodge Challenger & Ford Mustang do not meet the government's top safety rating.
Caught on camera: Flooding in China’s Rongxian County caused this newly built three story building to collapse into the river behind it.
Kim Jong Un is hosting a country-wide matchmaking contest to find a suitable husband for his sister, Kim Yo-jong.
Tommy Ly is a professional breakdancer who's an amputee and cancer survivor. He hasn’t let either get in his way of his amazing routine.
Researchers are using thermographic cameras to assess true love. After dipping them in ice water the hands of those in love warm up faster.
Snoop Dogg and Morris Peterson (former Toronto Raptor and Flint citizen) played in a charity basketball game to raise funds for the town.
Protestors in Argentina are demanding Justin Bieber to perform without facing persecution for an alleged assault involving a photographer.
NYPD officer Risel Martinez has been stripped of his badge and gun after pointing his firearm at bystanders while handcuffing a suspect.
Saltwater Brewery is reducing ocean pollution & harm to sea creatures with their edible six pack rings made from leftover wheat & barley.
Tech company Hyperloop One made its first high-speed propulsion train that could soon transport people hundreds of miles in under an hour.
Viral sensation dancing king Erik Cavanaugh promotes body positivity through ballet with these amazing moves.
Lady Gaga represented those who've experienced sexual violence in a powerful Oscars moment
When you're Vice President, but still modest af
Chris Rock spilled scalding hot tea all over the Academy
Chris Rock is
Chris Rock goes in at the
Happy Valentine's Day from NowThis Weed! Tag your best bud ❤
Happy Valentine's Day weekend from NowThis Weed! Tag your best bud ❤
Congrats to the Denver Broncos — our Super Bowl champs!
Only Beyonce could make a fall look this good
Schumer/Rogen for President
VP Joe Biden wants you to talk about gun safety on social media to make sure we keep the conversation going.
When your target demo has all already gone to bed.
The cast of The Talk gets interrupted by some rando plugging Kevin Gates' new album during their acceptance speech.
Sandra Bullock praises her fellow Favorite Movie Actress nominees for all being working mothers.
Vin Diesel gets emotional about Paul Walker during his acceptance of his People's Choice Awards for Best Action Movie and Favorite Film.
VP Joe Biden says President Obama won't violate the 2nd Amendment, but will make it harder for guns to get into the wrong hands.
VP Joe Biden defending Obama's executive action, which would require background checks when purchasing any gun or risk penalties.
"Every time I think about those kids it gets me mad. And by the way, it happens on the streets of Chicago every day.” - Obama on Newtown
Boston Dynamics wished everybody a Merry Christmas with Santa's sleigh getting pulled by robot reindeer. Happy Holidays!
Steve-O, with help from The Slow Mo Guys, pulled off this awesome slow-motion fire-breathing backflip.
"May the force be with you"
Bernie Sanders has some thoughts on calling 911
Martin O'Malley's opening statement
Obama channeling all of us once it hits 5 o'clock.
Students in Singapore have created "Snowstorm," a personal flying vehicle which simulates the experience of flight.
Blind people can finally experience fine art thanks to the Unseen Art Project which 3D prints replicas of world famous paintings.
Over 100 waiters equipped with trays filled with glasses and a wine bottle raced in Japan's Waiter Race in Yokohama to show off their skills
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is making recreational trips to space a possibility with Blue Origin, the world's first reusable rocket.
The Skully motorcycle helmet uses a camera to display video feed of what's behind the rider in the corner of their visor.
Happy Thanksgiving!
Engineers at Texas A&M have developed wearable tech that translates sign language into text, making communication for signers much easier.
Divers recently discovered a sunken WWII airplane off the coast of Australia. It's now home to a myriad of tropical fish & coral.
This timelapse shows construction workers in Beijing, China tearing down and rebuilding the Sanyuan bridge, which weighs 1,300 tons.
Artist Satoshi Tomizu uses a blowtorch and glass rods to make these beautiful, award-winning "space orbs"
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