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NEW Sutra Mini Review + Nature Sesh!

High guys!! Thanks for joining for my review and sesh with the new Sutra mini vaporizer! This little vape really packs a punch, plus I love that it's able to vaporizer both dry herb and concentrates. It also has full temperature control so you can set it to whichever temp you like to vape at best. I'm a huge fan of this vape! It'll be super handy for those summer adventures.

If you want to check out the Sutra Mini, head over to
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also has the Sutra Mini and a variety of other vaporizers, some of which I've used in past videos! The code 'DakotaPaige' will save you 10% there as well :)

To check out more videos, extra content and all my discount codes head over to

That absolutely AWESOME intro was done by the Renaissance, go check him out at !!

IG: dakota.paige
Twitter/Periscope: dakotapaige420

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