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"Micro Management" ~ Canntalk Educational Lecture Series

Hello, friends of the cannabis community! This is a very rough video of our SC Labs co-founder and Director of Client Relations Alec Dixon giving a presentation on "Micro Management," for our "Canntalk" Educational Lecture Series! Many of you have requested that we record these lectures and we are working on providing better quality video for future talks, as well as developing a webinar option. For now, we wanted to at least provide this i -phone recording. We hope you'll forgive us for the poor quality! We thank you for your patience while we upgrade our technology! Please comment and share with anyone you think might be interested in learning about the issue of microbiological impurities in cannabis, testing, beneficial bacteria utilized in organic farming practices, and how yeast and mold content in consumable cannabis should be better understood as indicator microbes for shelf life and quality of the product, rather than pass/fail criteria for meeting regulatory compliance.
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