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MUST SEE!! For every Autoflower and Non Autoflower grower - INCREASE the Harvest and health!

MUST SEE for every grower! NO CLICKBAIT!!!

It this video I will show some revolutionary information about growing your own autoflower or non autoflower. Growers use a lot off products to keep the plant healthy and increase the health off the plant. You can do this by adding liquid nutrients or raw nutrients. And you can do this with autoflowers and non autoflowers, both act a bit different on nutrients because autoflowers grow faster and so the roots will get new nutrients faster. This can also be harmfull. This solution does not apply tomicro grow sadly because when working with companion plants you just don't have enough space with a micro grow or a small grow tent or grow box. When you have a big grow box or grow tent however, you can apply these techniques and enjoy the benefits that nature has given us, even with growing your own magic plant as i will show you in this video. Fosor kalium potassium etc are very important from growing your own medicine.This method applies for indoor and outdoor grow. Autoflower or non autoflower, feminized or regular.

New update about my grow next Friday! HARVEST VIDEO SOON!!!!!

Next plant that I will grow will be: CBD Auto White Widow of Dutch Passion seed company



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Have a great day, Much love!
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