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Korean gov't condemns Japanese defense chief's visit to controversial shrine

일본 방위상 야스쿠니 참배... 국방부,외교부 "개탄 금치못해"
Korea has condemned Japanese Defense Minister Tomomi Inada's visit to the controversial Yasukuni Shrine.
In statements made less than an hour ago,... the Korean ministries of defense and foreign affairs said it is "beyond deplorable" that a Japanese politician would pay her respects at a shrine that beautifies Japan's past militarism... and honors class-A war criminals.
They said... the visit was made in spite of the Korean government's emphasis on the need for forward looking Korea-Japan relations... that are based on an honest view of history.
The foreign ministry statement said Japan will only be able to gain trust from neighboring countries and the international community... when its officials acknowledge history.
The foreign ministry plans to summon an official from the Japanese embassy this afternoon.
The visit took place just two days after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's highly symbolic visit to Pearl Harbor earlier this week.

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