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JumpStart® Grower Testimonial

Put nature to work for you. The Penicillium bilaiae in JumpStart® inoculant increases availability of soil and fertilizer phosphate for a canola crop you can be proud of.

Use JumpStart for a fast start and a stronger finish.

Now for less than $5/per acre! (On pre-treated seed only*.) Don’t wait, order your canola seed pre-treated with JumpStart® today

* For pre-treated canola seed only. Based on the 2017 published SRP of $49.50 for JumpStart inoculant in a pre-treated bag of canola. 1 bag of canola = 10 acres.
weed (44800) kush (39628) haze (39413) purple (39410) diesel (39409) cough (39405) purp (39404) strain (39394) sour (39353) sativa (39082) indica (39008) marijuana (11240) People (10756) to (8661) pot (8372) flower (7734) hybrid (7707) germinate (7599) drying (7599)
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