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Hash Extravaganza: Dark Dank Hashish Special

18+ Hash Extravaganza: Dark Dank Hashish Special. This week Top Shelf Grower brings you the shit. Nothing disgusting rather high-grade hash. Yesterday I stopped by my favourite cannabis club in Catalonia to check out the Hash menu for members. I enjoyed a selection of sticky delights.

I grabbed a stash of the darkest dankest Amnesia Haze hash and a little bit of blonde Super Lemon Haze extract. Just as I get a spliff of the Ammo going to start the smoke report I get a pleasant surprise. How could I refuse the opportunity to sample a fire selection of dark hash?

Luckily I packed the Chongdolf. So I went for it and blazed up the whole lot. Every hit is a different kind of dark dank hash. Rapid fire cannabis reviews. No marijuana this time, only the finest extracts. I can't remember the precise order but I hit some Diesel Hash, Critical Pollinator Hash, 2 kinds of very melty Amnesia Haze Hash and my top pick of all this outstanding cannabis the Tangie Hash. Old school Tangerine Dream genetics make for some gourmet dark hash.

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