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Happy Holidays - Round 4 Harvest - Phone shoot test

Welcome back to Hagisan Farms update. We've been harvesting.
Need to make more hanging space in the room and get these last 2 knocked out this morning.

I am very happy with the way this round turned out, Leaned quite a bit again and hope to continue to progress and expand my cannabis growing knowledge.

Again...A big THANK YOU to THC Titan all the new subscribers and folks that have watched my videos, shared and commented.

As always your comments and input are welcome.

Contest giveaway video coming soon!

Everyone please be safe and kind to one another this Holiday season!

Check me out on IG @hagisanfarms some mid-week updates and foolery.


Another big THANK YOU to all the other grow channels out there kicking down knowledge and sharing your experiences.

If you're not busy on Friday evenings @ 7:00pm PST, go check out Keep It Green Cannabis Channel and the GrowTube RoundTable with your host Dago streaming live. Wealth of knowledge from the panel and questions from the chat. Now you know!

Keep our community positive and supportive of one another.
- Peace IG: @HagisanFarms #GrowersLove

I would rather fail trying than not have tried at all.
- Some Dude

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Lots of diverse information to be had on these channels!
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