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EXPERT JOINTS LIVE!: The Flyte Industry

Join Craig Ex aka 'The Expert of Expert Joints' & Loudonio Thursdays at 4:20pmPT for another episode of their weekly weed webcast!

This week Craig and Jen welcome Adam from Flyte Concentrates to the studio, and sample some potent products from Potent Industry. We'll also have Chronic Cooking, Puff Puff Pass It Along... and announce the winner of our Future tickets giveaway; plus a whole lot more!

Original air date - May 18th, 2017

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**EXPERT JOINTS is a service provider. It is our intent to offer advice and assistance only. We do not sell, distribute or provide marijuana, nor can we formally recommend the usage there of. Please consult your medical practitioner, and obey your local regulations regarding marijuana, as you see fit.**
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