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18+ EPISODE 100: THE DREAMLAND JOINT. Top Shelf Grower is proud to present the Dreamland joint. This is no ordinary how to roll a joint video. Weed or Hash? Why not combine both for the ultimate spliff. A Dreamland joint is the perfect blend of powerful uplifting Sativa weed and the stickiest heavy Indica black hash. Plus I've got an exclusive on the tastiest bud. You've probably never heard of Banana flavoured marijuana and I never believed it existed until now. It's real, it's amazing and it's called Banana Haze. A Dreamland joint is all about cranking it up to 11. Infusing Banana Haze with Black Hash is guaranteed to take you on a ride to Dreamland. Of course, both the banana haze and black hash will be featured in my festive mini-series "The 12 Strains of Christmas" starting Dec 14th.
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