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Destiny PvP & Light Grinding | Preparing for Rise Of Iron DLC - Skilled Apple

Whats up Skilled Apple fans and new faces alike, today we grind light on Destiny PvP to prepare for the Rise Of Iron DLC! Thanks for watching!

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This stream may, and most likely will, contain strong language.
1. No Racism. No, you can’t say the n-word. No, I don’t care your skin color.
2. Rape comments = automatic ban no matter what.
3. Advertising, asking for mod, backseat gaming, and general annoyance is punishable.
4. Common Sense (Spamming, Caps Lock, Etc).
Note: My mods are told to ban without thinking twice. So act like an adult, please.

Common sense includes, but is not limited to, english only, spam, caps lock, spam emojis, insults, and more.

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