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Delicious Emily’s Hopes and Fears | Level 47 & Challenge "Slow Grower" (Full Walkthrough)

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Restaurant 5-47: Slow Grower
Sharon doesn’t believe the swimming pool is safe as it looks very green…!

Task: Grow only 1 plant at a time

You can’t grow more than one plant at a time, so wait until one of them grows, pick it up, then grow the next one.

Mouse Location: On the left of the entrance door

Challenge: Why Won’t They Leave? Ask table customers to pay.

When the table customers finish, “!” marks appear over them. Click them to let them leave the tables to pay. You have to click the table again to be cleaned.
weed (43459) kush (38629) haze (38415) purple (38412) diesel (38411) cough (38407) purp (38406) strain (38377) sour (38355) sativa (38084) indica (38010) marijuana (10689) to (8293) pot (8005) flower (7385) hybrid (7345) germinate (7252) drying (7252) Gaming (4827)
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