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Catalan Cannabis Culture: Cannabis Club Visit #1

18+ Catalan Cannabis Culture: Cannabis Club Visit #1. This week its time to take a peek through the doors of a Catalan Cannabis Club on the Gold Coast, just a short train ride from Barcelona. Top Shelf Grower gives you a first-hand perspective of a typical visit to a cannabis club.

The marijuana selection is quite tasty. When I stopped by for a visit they had 4 kinds of weed available to members: Amnesia Haze, Elephant Blue, Jack The Ripper, and Northern Lights.

Of course, I joined. Then I had to do a little shopping. So I blazed up a spliff of some berry sweet sativa Elephant Blue and fired up the Chongdolf with some smooth sativa Jack The Ripper. Great place to visit and if I'm passing through again on my travels in the future I'll be sure to pay them another visit.

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