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CANNABIS CLUB VISIT #3: Masca Asociacion

18+ CANNABIS CLUB VISIT #3: Masca Asociacion. Top Shelf Grower stops by another private members cannabis club on the Gold Coast of Spain. This week I'm in Cubelles and had to check out Masca Asociacion. Not the easiest cannabis club to find but with some of the finest marijuana in Catalonia it was worth the trip.

I sampled some excellent locally bred and cropped sativa called Roseta. A mysterious sativa hybrid with a forest fruits scent and a high flying cerebral head buzz. Most likely has some Amnesia Haze in the mix and something else I can't quite put my finger on.

Later in the evening I prefer a more sedate indica smoke. The Critical Widow proved to be as potent as she looked. A cross of the legendary White Widow and the local favourite Critical. Lovely frosty chunky nuggs with a powerful couchlock effect. Definitely one of the best White Widow hybrids I have come across. Retaining the knockout potency but with a much smoother and slightly citrus taste.

Both the Roseta and the Critical Widow turned out to be some gourmet cannabis. Masca is a great place to lounge and enjoy some fine weed. They also have some Fire! cannabis concentrates and extracts so I'll definitely have to stop by again soon.

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