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Breaking: President Trump Is Expected To Pick A DC Circuit Judge

President Trump Is Expected To Pick A DC Circuit Judge
On Friday, Judge Janice Rogers Brown of Columbia’s Circuit District Court of Appeals, started to tell officials that she is planning to back out, based on numerous reports.
The anticipated retirement, first covered by the Wall Street Journal, would offer President Trump a shot to choose a successor in the second-most powerful court in Washington, D.C., with the Supreme Court on the top.
The 68-year-old Brown, was hired by ex-President George W. Bush in 2005 and, as reported by the Journal, is a conservative representative in the court.

There have been a lot of judges on the D.C. Circuit who later on worked in the Supreme Court, such as the deceased Antonin Scalia.

At the moment, the court is being run by Merrick Garland, an unsuccessful nominee by former President Barack Obama’s for the replacement of Scalia. Trump’s choice, Neil Gorsuch, who was a judge on the Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, took over Scalia’s position.

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