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Best WeedTubers!

***EDIT: Master Bong should be at #7 with 168,000 subscribers. Numbers 7-9 should be bumped to 8-10***

In this MassRoots list, we rank the best weed tubers around. 9 of em, to be exact. Everyone on the list is ranked by subscriber count so if you don't see your favorite WeedTuber on the list, it's because they didn't have enough subs. From SilencedHippie to StrainCentral to 2Girls1Bong to CustomGrow420, all the big names are here!

Did you enjoy this list? Did we miss your favorite WeedTuber? What list do you want to see next? Let us know in the comments! And SUBSCRIBE TO MASSROOTS ON YOUTUBE FOR MORE!!!!!

#9 Crutch 420:
#8 HighRise TV:
#6 tokinGLX:
#5 SilencedHippie:
#4 StrainCentral:
#3 xCodeh:
#2 HaleyIsSoarx:
#1 CustomGrow420:

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