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Back Roads & Back Stories with Ray Isle - A Grower’s Grower

Check Out Our New "Back Roads & Back Stories with Ray Isle" Video Series." An elder statesmen for Sonoma County’s responsible wine farming movement, grape grower Mike Rowan has a passion for sustainability that comes, not from youthful trend-chasing, but decades of farming his small vineyard. Hear him reflect on the changes he's seen in Sonoma County and grape growing over the course of 40 years and why he's inspired by the region's sustainability commitment.
weed (43558) kush (38690) haze (38476) purple (38473) diesel (38472) cough (38468) purp (38467) strain (38439) sour (38416) sativa (38145) indica (38071) marijuana (10740) Entertainment (8923) to (8318) pot (8032) flower (7409) hybrid (7371) germinate (7276) drying (7276)
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