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18+ BLUE DREAM SMOKE REPORT. Top Shelf Grower breaks out the cannabis connoisseur head stash with some dank buds of Blue Dream. This Sunday I wake and bake with the Blue Dream and enjoy a morning toke with a spliff and the Chongdolf.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid of Blueberry and Haze. Buds look very frosty, tight and classic indica. Delicious Blueberry aroma dominates and carries through in the flavour for a sweet fruity berry smoke. Effects come in two stages. A pleasant long lasting head buzz is eventually accompanied by a relaxing physical effect. Fun, flavoursome, day-time marijuana.

My new goal is to reach 2K Subscribers and celebrate with a monster weed and cannabis concentrates sesssion featuring the Lemon OG and Pollen Hash from this video plus some sticky extracts. Please Like & Subscribe for more. Thanks for watching.
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