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Alternative Solutions - Portland, OR Dispensary Tour

Visit for up-to-date menu information, deals and reviews.

Alternative Solutions is one of the first dispensaries in Portland. Our storefront is known for the artwork in our lobby.

Our mission is to take care of people, our neighborhood and community. We place a lot of value on our community – it’s not about what we can do everywhere, it’s about what we can do in our neighborhood.

When you arrive at Alternative Solutions, you’ll receive a warm reception while your ID is checked. We respect the privacy of all our customers. You’ll then be taken back where you can meet with one of our budtenders. We have the time to get personal if you have questions. Our very educated staff is eager to help you.

We carry many popular strains like Jack Herer, BB King and Granddaddy Purple and offer different budtender deals every day.
We are a cash only dispensary with an ATM on site for convenience.

We’re located at 13650 SE Powell Blvd. and open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. We have six parking spots in front of the store, parking on the side and parking by the nearby bar. There is no smoking in the bar parking area.

Thank you for watching our Weedmaps dispensary tour video! We hope to see you at Oregon Weedery soon!



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