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A visit to Anthurium grower Evanty

Last week on the 27th of June we visited our Anturium grower Evanty.

Evanty is a 4th generation grower, changed from vegetables to Anthurium in the last generation. With a total of 35 employees they harvest around 5 million stems a year in about 30 varieties on 2 farms that are half a mile apart on 7 hectares. Lots of custom made high tech and inventive machines are developed and in use.

Small lots of new varieties are tested yearly. Not just the "looks" are tested, also shelf life and production per plant are important. Every year they have 500.000 young plants that reproduce fresh flowers. Evanty has an unique way of packing, instead of taping, the flowers are "clipped" inside the tray. Anthurium can be stored dry for 5-6 days.

Orders that come in early morning will be cut fresh and shipped out of the greenhouse before 10.30 am and arrive at our location around noon to ship that day.
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