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21 Insanely Awesome Things About Canada

It should go without saying, but Canada is home to many famous celebs. Here are 21 Insanely Awesome Things About Canada!

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8.Only One Desert

The less deserts and the more desserts the better, are we right? Canada only has one desert in British Columbia, called the Osoyoos Desert, or the Okanagan Desert. But this dessert is anything but sandy and depressingly dry. It’s a semi arid region that is ripe for living conditions and even contains multiple wineries and golf courses.There are places in Canada who receive less rain than the desert, but it is likely the most arid area in the country.

7.Winter Winners

With all the snow and ice that graces the North American region, it’s no wonder that Canada is super skilled at winter sports activities. As a matter of fact, the country holds the world record for the most Olympic gold medals ever won at the winter games. In 2010, they won a total of 14 gold medals in their own city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Canada finished third overall that year, but their winter legacy will be remembered for years to come.

6.World’s Most Expensive Coin

Canada created the world’s most expensive coin with a face value of one million dollars. It’s made of pure solid gold and weighs over two hundred pounds. Now that’s for sure not “spare change”, but we’ll take it if Canada wants to get rid of it. Canadian Royal Mint created the coin in 2007 in order to promote other 1 ounce gold maple leaf coins. A total of five were made and snatched up by investors from all over the world. We guess that was a cool idea, but there’s no way any department store or restaurant is going to be able to break that coin into smaller bills.

5.Polar Bear Swim

Many cities all over the world have challenges for people to collectively jump in a body of water during freezing cold temperatures, but Canada’s Polar Bear Swim just might be the coolest- literally. Every new year's day at two thirty pm, crazy Canadians dash into the frigid shores of English Bay. All the excitement does come with a good cause of course- proceeds support the Habitat for Humanity of the Greater Toronto Area. The tradition has ensued every year since 2005, and has raised over three hundred thousand and seventy dollars over time.

4.Maple Syrup

Mmmm. We love maple syrup. It goes on just about everything. Pancakes, waffles, bacon, biscuits, ice cream, and just about anything . The maple leaf is the symbol of the Canadian flag, so of course the country is known for its production of the sticky sweet syrup. Canada is responsible for about seventy seven percent of the world’s maple syrup. Think of it this way- whether you’re eating breakfast at a diner in Kansas or halfway across the world in China, there’s a good chance that your maple syrup comes from Canada.

3.Happiness Factor

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. If you’re happy and from Canada clap your hands. Apparently, Canada is the seventh happiest country in the world at the moment. It was beaten out by Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Finland and the Netherlands, so one thing must be true. Cold weather conditions must have something to do with overall happiness?

2.Canadians are inventive
We’ve already mentioned that amazing inventions like insulin treatments came from Canadians. But they are also responsible for so much more! The zipper, the Wonderbra, the Blackberry phone, paint rollers, and the electric over have all worked wonders in our everyday lives. With the cold climate and all the ice in the area, it’s no wonder that Canadians have to get pretty inventive with their use of ice. But we could have never imagined it’d be turned into a moving pickup truck! This ice truck used eleven thousand pounds of ice and was used by Canadian Tire to demonstrate how well the car’s battery held up in icy conditions. Obviously, very well. The truck actually was able to move, even though it melted soon after over a period of forty hours.

1.Apology Accepted

Sometimes, justice systems are criticized for lack of options or unfair propositions. Canada took a step in the right direction in 2009, when it issues the Apology Act into effect. The Act makes apologies admissible without insinuation that they are association with an admission of fault.Instead, an apology in court means “an expression of sympathy or regret, a statement that a person is sorry or any other words or actions indicating contrition or commiseration, whether or not the words or actions admit fault or liability or imply an admission of fault or liability in connection with the matter to which the words or actions relate”. The world would truly be a better place if we all apologized more.
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